VRio Ware

Developed in 48h at a VR Game Jam, VRio Ware plunges you into a fictional japanese gameshow where you have to perform every challenge that comes toward you, be it walls, bullets or piñatas.

The jam was the DreamHackathon Jam at DreamHack Winter 2016, hosted by Coffee Stain Studios (Goat Simulator). During the jam I recorded voice-over, edited sound effects, composed music and integrated the audio using the audio middleware FMOD.

Using the knowledge I gained from developing Varganatt I could design the audio in an effective way, using many of the systems and solutions we'd already come up with during the development of Varganatt to implement the audio. After the voting session the game ended on 3rd place.

- Virtual Reality

- Composer & Sound Designer

- Implementation through FMOD 

- Unreal Engine 4


Music for the game, composed in basically 1 hour: