Developed in 48 hours using Unity3D at Sweden Game Jam #4Potion Clash is a 2-4 player arena brawler where players throw potions at each other in an effort to turn the opponents into tomatoes and then squash them beneath their feet. The first one to 10 points wins the favour of the moon.

During the 48 hour game jam I composed music, recorded and edited sound effects and using FMOD I implemented the audio into the game engine with C#-scripting.

The audio was made with the intention of being comedic, thus several of the sound effects are made acapella with post-processing such as pitch shifting adding to the comedic vibe of the game. 

It was the first game jam for most of our team members but in the end we ended up placing 1st by popular vote at the local game jam!

- 48-Hour Game Jam

- 2D Action Brawler

- Composer & Sound Designer

- Implementation through FMOD 

- Unity3D

- Sweden Game Jam #4 Winner


Music for the game, composed in 1,5 hours: