- Open World-Type Game

- Music & Audio Lead

- Composer & Sound Designer

- Implementation using FMOD

- Unreal Engine 4

Copoka is a free-roaming exploration game where the player assumes the role of a bird trying to collect trinkets for it's nest in a totalitarian city-state. Throughout their journeys the players will overhear dissenting rebels and proud soldiers as they go through their daily lives.

Copoka started as a student project where the vast majority of the content was finished during a 10 week period. It later debuted in the Humble Monthly bundle of July 2016. In February 2017 Copoka was made available on both Steam and Humble Store.

When the project ended I compiled the tracks and concept music made by the different composers into an album, which I mastered and released as the Original Soundtrack on several platforms, such as Spotify, BandCamp, Amazon & iTunes, among others.

I worked on Copoka as the music & audio lead, where I had the responsibility of scheduling tasks for the Audio team, as well as coordinating my team in relation to the other disciplines during the project.

I was also tasked with designing the audio systems needed for an open-world game. In the process I edited sound effects, composed music and implemented both in the game using FMOD.