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A video showcasing some of the games I've worked on during the past year.

0:00 - Copoka
0:27 - Breach & Clean
0:45 - Varganatt
1:20 - VRio Ware
1:46 - Potion Clash


I've had an interest in music ever since I was a young child, singing to the songs of Hispanic troubadours as well as going nuts on the old 80's Yamaha-keyboard that my dad owned from the moment that I could. This coupled with my love of video games made the choice of becoming a composer & sound designer for games pretty obvious.

I've spent the last couple of years learning how to make games on a practical level, including studying and graduating in Game Music Composition & Sound Design at the University of Skövde. I've also traveled across the globe to learn more about African instruments (African Marimba & the Djembe drum), participated in 15 game jams, as well as launched a game on Steam and the Humble Monthly Bundle.

I like to spend my free time by being with my friends, play games with said friends, go to game dev-events and perform music with the different bands that I am a part of.



Unreal Engine 4

Made a fully released game in it, and I am as of now working on a VR-project using the Engine. Also used it during several game jams. Familiar with Blueprints visual scripting.


Very familiar with the audio middleware. Have used it for implementing the music and SFX of most of the games I've worked on and am thus very experienced in the process of implementing audio and interfacing with both Unity3D & Unreal Engine 4 when using FMOD.


Worked with it on several game jams, mostly 2D. Did a resound of an entire Unity-scene, using FMOD & C#. Also did the prototype for my bachelor's project in it.

Fluent in 4 Languages

Growing up I spoke Spanish with my father and German with my mother. By living in Sweden I learned Swedish, and through school I learned English. Thus I fluently speak Swedish, English, Spanish and German.

Orchestration & Notation

I have attended several courses in Music Theory, Orchestration & Notation. I have composed and notated a work for a professional string quartet, as well as composed and orchestrated some pieces for orchestra.

Agile Workflows (Scrum)

I have experience in working with teams using agile workflows, as well as taking the role as Lead and thus being in charge of scheduling most tasks for my audio department.

Projects Overview


  • Music/Audio Lead
  • Composer & Sound Designer
  • FMOD Implementation
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Open World
  • Made in 10 Weeks
  • Available on Steam and Humble.
  • Nominee of the Skövde Academic Game Award 2016

Breach & Clean

  • Composer
  • FMOD Implementation
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Cleaning Simulator
  • 5 Day Game Jam


  • Composer & Sound Designer
  • FMOD Implementation
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Virtual Reality
  • Ongoing project, working on free time

VRio Ware

  • Composer & Sound Designer
  • FMOD Implementation
  • Unreal Engine 4


  • Virtual Reality
  • 48h Game Jam

Potion Clash

  • Composer & Sound Designer
  • FMOD Implementation
  • Unity 3D
  • Action Brawler
  • 48h Game Jam
  • Sweden Game Jam #4 Winner


Listen to some of the music I've made over the years.


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